Barcamp Saigon Summer 2011 – effervescent and unique

On July 24, 2011 in RMIT University (District 7 – HCMC), an interesting dotcom event was held and attracted many young attendees. Though Saigon’s weather has been erratic these days, it did not stop the enthusiastic participation of more than 400 attendees in Barcamp Saigon 2011. In short, there are only two words to describe this: effervescent and unique.


Time does fly from the last time we sincerely share our experience of Barcamp Saigon 2010 and now we are preparing to receive more interesting information on this year’s Barcamp.


Bustling with topics related to Mobile Apps

If 2010 is a year full of website products’ achievements such as the outstanding development of group-buying model, continuous big bangs of social networks, thousands of new websites with many new approach methods to offline users, etc., 2011 is the year of mobile application.


From the ICT’s big names to individuals, groups and businesses, everyone is turning to exploit the potential market of mobiles. With more than 154 million subscribers in Vietnam at the end of 2010, growing 39% compared to 2009, it is an attractive number for anyone pioneering a new market.


Many businesses, specialized in application development and content exploitation, are founded nowadays. From scattering recruitment news on Vietnamworks or Timviecnhanh, there are more and more attractive promotions and wage levels for Mobile Developer.


In the big pie of Vietnam’s market, who will breakout?


The appearance of topics related to Mobile Apps, Mobile Development in Barcamp Saigon 2011 has heated the bustling atmosphere. Along with the participation of senior businesses like Skunworks, VNG, etc. and their precious experiences, this event has brought many useful information and knowledge to young attendees who are interested in this hot new trend.




Start-ups and related issues

The highlight of Barcamp this year is topics sharing experiences of how to deal with venture capital funds, individual investors and how to find a good co-founder. This is also one of the hottest issues.


Mr. James Vương, the representative of venture capital fund IDG, candidly shared his opinions from an investor’s point of view. In comparison with Barcamp Saigon 2010, IDG Ventures did bring attendees useful and practical information in which they were interested in Barcamp Saigon. There were many difficult and somewhat sensitive questions made but they were whole-heartedly answered by Mr. James Vuong.




Mr. James Vuong – the representative of venture capital fund IDG in Vietnam

Another hot topic for young attendees is how to find a co – founder or an investor for your start-up project. Mr. Ninh Nguyễn and Ms. Phạm Lê Nguyên provided attendees with many interesting experiences.


Mr. Ninh Nguyen (Xoai) and Ms. Pham Le Nguyen are founders of 5Desire, which is a networking event held monthly in Ha Noi. Until now, 5Desire has successfully held five events. For more information, check here.




On behalf of today attendees, we would like to thank the organizers of Barcamp Saigon 2011 for their enthusiastic and thoughtful preparation, organization and logistics.



See you in the next Barcamp Saigon!