Greatest hacks in Vietnam’s internet history

.vn – The cases that and were hacked have prompted a flurry of speculation in the community for a while. In Vietnam’s internet history, it is not the first time that domains of businesses and organizations are appropriated by hackers.


How can hackers take control of domains?

Each domain name on internet is managed by a domain provider. Every transaction and requirement of domain owner to the provider is implemented through a one and only email address. It is because of this way of exchanging information that creates a gap for hackers to take advantages of.


According to Vietnam hackers’ forum – HVA, hackers can attack the server containing the management email because they obtain the domain by taking this email. Of course, there are cases that hackers take advantages of users’ weaknesses to take over directly the management password. is being sold by hackers.


There are some cases that hackers disguise as the domain’s owner and cheat the providers’ technical team so that they can get private information or change domain account’s email and password, etc.


After successfully appropriating the domain name, hackers usually transfer it to another provider. At this point, it is hard to obtain the domain name back because foreign providers are not willing to help you in such cases. In the case of vozForums, there is a strange detail that hackers transferred the domain name from Godaddy to Register in such a short time. It took only 3 hours instead of 24 hours as usual. This is why vOz’s administrators couldn’t intervene in time.


Greatest hacks in Vietnam’s internet history


The first ever hack that makes the public surprised is the case that the domain name of Vietnam hacker forum (aka HVA) was stolen in 2003. This case’s development is pretty complicated and the main reason is that JAL’s PC was installed Trojan by the hackers (JAL is one of this organization’s administrators).


Despite the effort of getting the domain back, it was still transferred to another provider. At this point, HVA’s evidence of ownership could not convince the new provider so they failed. However, is now back to its original owner though it is no longer the main domain to access to this forum.


The abbreviation (forum of information technology) now also originates from a famous hack. Before that time, this forum was well known by internet users through domain name However, on the morning of January 7, 2005, when accessing this address, users are navigated to another website.


Meanwhile, hackers sold with the cost of 9000 Euros on, the biggest domain forum in the world.


According to Mr. Duong Vi Khoa, an administrator of this forum, hackers had planned to do this almost a year ago. From September 2004, hackers hacked the domain at Yahoo!, transferred it to NetSol and then used some cheats to take over the control of the email so that they could obtain the account managing the domain and


Like, domain now is used after the main domain was appropriated few years ago. It is said that hacker took the advantages of the domain name server’s bug and then navigated it to another IP. The case’s development was too long that the business’ activities were interrupted in many days and then it had to move to the domain until now.


However, the cases mentioned above are not the most serious ones in Vietnam’s internet history. The case of PA Vietnam, the leading domain provider of local market, caused unforgettable consequences. In this incident,, and forever fell into bad guys’ hand.


It is said that PA Vietnam’s most important domains, and, were all taken over by hackers and transferred from Emon to Onlinenic. After that, PA Vietnam’s main server was al so changed (from to At that time, PA Vietnam was controlling about 9000 Vietnam and international domains, including 2000 domains with .vn. Therefore, this case affected thousands of websites of local and international businesses and organizations. Unfortunately, the culprit was not founded.


Until now, the domains mentioned above along with the famous domain are no longer able to be reclaimed. – GenK