[HCM] Smart Enterprise & Big Data

A sharing talk of Joe Lonsdale about Smart Enterprise & Big Data.


At Stanford Uni as a student, Joe worked briefly at Paypal and connect with the mastermind Peter Thiel. After graduation, Joe then co-founded a company and played the key member at Thiel’s first hedge fund that grew to $5 billion USD in asset. His first company, Palantir is at $9 billion USD today and he is already in the next venture of solving big, unstructured problems which have enormous impact on economy and society. Not only that, Joe has the power and the mind to gather people from East to West throughout the world with an ambition to create the dual impact on these “smart enterprises.” In 2012, Joe had a $448 million USD VC fund with his college friend, Jim Kim and Brian Koo, who is the son of one of the biggest chaebol in Korea.



That is something worth to learn from him and to understand how Viet Nam startups will fit in this global influencing force.


Join us January 3rd at 5pm at Gala Royale Event Hall, HCMC to hear Joe Lonsdale talk about how will entrepreneurs in Vietnam create products and companies that really make an international impact and disrupt major sectors of the global economy and dramatically improve productivity within those sectors


  • Time: Fri, 03 Jan 2014, 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM


  • Place: Gala Royale Event Hall 63 Mạc Đĩnh Chi, Đa Kao, Ho Chi Minh City



Entrance fee:

– 300,000VND for registers before 15th December, 2013 paying online
– 400,000VND for registers after 15th December, 2013 paying online
– 500,000 VND for registers at door on 3rd January, 2014
(this fee included cocktail at the beginning of the event)


Read more about Joe here