[HCM] Technical Project Managers For Very Interesting Projects

YouNet is a leading Social Network company in the world with own innovative technologies, products, platforms and services. We are looking for talent and motivated candidates who are willing to contribute their knowledge and experience in our global expanding.


We need 03 talent project managers who have strong product mind with solid web development background to lead/manage social network products and platforms as follows:


– Social Network Plugins: Components to build social networks
++ www.socialengine.younetco.com

++ www.phpfox.younetco.com
++ www.dolphin.younetco.com


– Social Search: A pioneer social media search engine
++ www.search.younetco.com


Responsibilities: Product development management given by product description/idea.


• Work with BA & Product Committee for product analysis, prototype and documentation.
• Work with TA committee for product technical solutions, issues, etc.
• Work with Support team to get feedback of customers to improve product as well as upgrade product version.
• Work with QA team to get product verified and packaged.
• Manage product version, requirement, feedback, ideas, etc.
• Estimation, planning, tracking and coaching product team
• Team operation management
• Report to: Product Manager, Product Committee, Technical Director


Apply: www.younetco.com