Impressive statistics of facebook in the last 6 months

Facebook’s influence is expanding and increasing strongly. Here are the stats on the number of Facebook’s users in Vietnam within 6 months, providing us with a more comprehensive view of the world’s leading social network.

The number of users doubled within only 4 months.

The number of Facebook’s users has witnessed a significant surge despite the fact that there have been some difficulties accessing Facebook. Today, with nearly 1.8 million users, Facebook is really “threatening” other social networks.




As soon as Facebook has reached to threshold of 1.5 million users, Zing Me from VNG is already about to speed-up in this “battle”. New series of games and applications have been launched to provide benefit to the users. GoOnline from VTC also makes some significant changes to serve its community. The Banbe social network from FPT is about to enter society, promising many exciting things ahead.


Which age group uses Facebook the most?

People from 18 to 34 years old in Vietnam use Facebook the most. If Facebook was previously for users of the age 18 or more only, people from 13 are now allowed to sign up for a Facebook account.



“Gender equality” on Facebook

In these new stats, number of male and female users is nearly closed to each other. This is interesting!


Not only women have the need to establish and develop her network and not only men spend time on gaming and exploring interesting applications on Facebook. Although according to other stats on the number of people who access the Internet in Vietnam, the majority is still male.


Advertising expenses on Facebook


In the last 6 months, advertising expenses on Facebook has been fluctuated around $ 0.13 for each CPC, or $ 0.06 for each CPM.




“Advertisements on Facebook” is a very popular term orally handed by the nowadays marketers. Along with reasonable price (only pay for what you get such as: click, impression…), they are able to manage and balance their advertising budget; and approach the right target customers. Facebook is surely an attractive advertising channel for the marketers.


Recently, Facebook has just changed its Profile interface and the advertising area has been enlarged 1.5 times. Will this change help Facebook expand its way to take over the online advertising market – which has long belonged to Google?



Data collection from Socialbakers and reference other sources.