October: 150 websites of Vietnam was knocked out

.vn – Mr. Tran Anh Tuan, vice president of Vietnam Information Security Association (VNISA), provided that information to the press in the fourth conference about Information Security in Vietnam held in Ho Chi Minh City.

2011 is the 4th year of “Information Security Day in Vietnam” with the topic “Digital Information Security – The foundation of an IT strong country “. This year, the conference continues to focus on the development of security technology infrastructure, newest solutions and applications, the current issues in order to raise people’s awareness of safety and warning about information security.


According to Mr. Tran Anh Tuan, Vietnam’s information security for network resources in the past year faces many alarming incidents and more diverse and sophisticated types of violation.


“High-tech crime is identified as one of current challenges, that causes 400 billion USD lost per year for the world. According to Interpol data, there is a victim of this crime every 14 seconds”, figures cited from Interpol annual meeting held in Hanoi last October.


The report had given an example of the last October that there are days when more than 150 website with domain name .vn, .com, .net of Vietnam’s web hosting service and domain name providers were knocked out.


* Symantec’s report on Internet security released on May4, 2011 has showed Vietnam’s network environment still remains at a high danger level of malware and spam.

According to the report, Vietnam ranked 12th of malware and 10th of spam. In addition, other indicators of insecurity level have increased in 86 countries surveyed.


Moreover, other important issues are also mentioned such as foreigner criminals are temporarily residing in Vietnam using high technology to cheat, steal information and personal accounts worldwide. They use fake credit cards or install cameras and fake readers to steal data at ATMs in Vietnam.


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