[STARTUP] 10 useful tips for company

.vn – Nowadays, one of the biggest difficulties that company managers are struggling is terminate processing gaps (and sometimes is strategy gaps). Processing gaps are those recognizable gaps between company’s strategy and objectives and capacity of achieving it and the way ideas are applied to reality.

1. Identify the expecting result


A big problem when applying the ideas is lack of identifying information and data. If manager couldn’t specify what he wants, he couldn’t expect other people neither to understand his strategy nor to participate in your project. Confusing explanations will lead to complicated consequence, no matter what it is. The more specific your wish is, the better your employees would do. If you doesn’t state clearly, they would hesitate, and try to guess what you truly want instead of doing their business.



2. Answer the question “Why?” concisely

When the leader wants his followers to make an effort for a thing, he has to tell them what the thing is, and more importantly, why he wants them to do that thing. Clear and precise information is extremely significant, because employees would disappoint their boss if they don’t understand what he wants them to do.


Moreover, explaining reasons why after your strategic decisions will help your employees know how they should devote their knowledge and how their work contribute to the project. If they don’t know that, instead of working actively, they will feel lost.


3. Accept to let it go and achieve required knowledge


To guarantee on-going strategy, the leader has to be sure that he has enough knowledge and skills to carry out his business plan.


The leader, with his fully awareness, can judge if he has the required knowledge for his role or not. A leader doesn’t do everything, and of course, he doesn’t know everything. It can be dangerous if he pretend to be wise. A truly wise leader would find an expert for a professional field.


4. Assemble a qualified managing group


At some times, many consecutive activities will happen spontaneously. Therefore, there should be a leader in a managing group.


The leader should build up a high-qualified group that can assume work conscientiously at any degree. Let them show you the gaps and find out your weak points when discussing. Find out your weak points before processing will limit the gaps.


5. Supervise the process strictly


When carry out a strategy, meetings for projects and programs discussion are essential. However, too many meetings would result in overdue tasks. This is practice gap. The managing group has to be sure that group leader will not accept this. The group should manage the way they do tasks and be responsible for the result.


At other respect, no one wants to be supervised all the time. Therefore, you should do it moderately, knowing that employees need certain room to work effectively. Wise leaders can manage effectively and create a friendly working environment for their employers at the same time.


6. Listen to the feedback


When the leader and his group aren’t wise anymore, they can’t predict what will happen. Even though they did plan for the risks and had the recovery plan, unexpected situations can leave the project suspended.



Therefore, leaders ought to listen to employees’ feedback (and customers’ feedback, if needed). Leaders can’t be narrow-minded and surrendered by flatters, who never tell them the ugly truth about the problems they are struggling. A glitch will become problem if it is not solved soon.


7. Be flexible


The processing usually struggles with problems and unexpected consequences. Changes need to be offered immediately. Leaders with precise and in time information from the supervisors can make right adjustments. However, these adjustments should be limited. Changes should be made only when there aren’t any more alternative supplements.


8. Congratulate on profit that was gain while processing


Dividing the processing into small parts and rewarding employees after they finish each target allows leader recognizes the results of the managing group. Working hard for a long time can exhaust your employees’ energy. Their working attitude will be low. Let take some time to have a break and celebrate. Your employees will know how worthy their efforts are and keep focusing on their work.


9. Trust in others’ contribution


It is bad if leaders only believe in what they have done with their co-workers. That’s the reason why the producer put a list of the director, the camera man, actors, actresses and so on at the end of each movie. It’s important for those who contributed to it. Leaders should know this, and remember to trust the right man. If they fell to do that, their employees will be upset and ruin any of their networking. The project can’t run well if employees struggle to their leaders.


10. Lastly: Have the strength to quit


It’s very hard to do. Leaders consider their projects as their children and they hardly abandon them. Quitting a project is a failure. They usually let their reputation over their will.



Next objectives’ analysis and honest judgment should be included in the processing. They help leaders know when to abandon unsuccessful plan and to reduce loss.